In the realm of online games and virtual worlds, each in-game item and virtual asset not only represents a unique part of the gaming experience but also a valuable asset created and acquired with specific efforts, often involving in-game purchases.

However, until today, these digital assets have been subject to various limitations and risks, including insufficient security during transfer and storage, as well as the inability to legally withdraw invested funds. There exists a "black" market for in-game items, but users face the risk of fraud and numerous other threats.


The problem lies in the fact that gaming assets lose their real value since players cannot convert them into real money without resorting to the black market. Collaborating with major Role-Play projects (such as Black Russia), we understand the pressing issues in the gaming industry, particularly those related to the storage, transfer, and liquidity of in-game resources.

Another challenge is that game owners/creators are often not interested in the secondary market as it leads to a loss of revenue.


The solution comes in the form of tokenizing gaming assets, allowing them to be legally traded on a specialized platform. In this way, game owners receive a percentage of the sales. We have initiated the Tanpin.io project, a marketplace for in-game items tailored for WEB2 games, powered by the utility token TAPIN.

Note: TANPIN is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.

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