In a market flooded with projects claiming to tokenize in-game items, what sets us apart is that our product is not just an idea – it's a reality. However, the real game-changer is our audience.

Creating a technical solution is one thing; convincing users to embrace it is another. The cost per user in the crypto industry is one of the highest, and we're not just targeting the crypto community; we're reaching out to the vast gaming audience. Gamers, unlike many, aren't actively seeking opportunities to earn crypto; they simply want to enjoy their entertainment hassle-free.

Our primary partner is the massive Role-Play game, Black Russia, boasting over a million users across 68 servers. We've started with an audience already intrigued and in need of such a project.

The growth is fueled by various factors:

  1. Utility Token Value: The Tanpin token serves a practical purpose, acting as the currency on our marketplace for purchasing digital assets. It unlocks unique features on the platform and provides access to exclusive NFT collections.

  2. Expansion through Black Russia: As more participants join the Black Russia project, in addition to collaborations with other gaming ventures, the trajectory continues upward.

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