Core of our products is three smart contraсts:

Marketplace Contract

Designed to support the operations of our marketplace. It facilitates both direct sales and auctions. Additionally, the contract deducts a percentage N_TANPIN% as a commission from each sale, directing it to the project development pool.

Moreover, it empowers creators and game owners to embed royalties, earning a percentage N_GAME_OWNER% from each secondary market resale.

Our Marketplace contract facilitates decentralized and secure transactions, allowing users to buy, sell, and participate in auctions for NFTs.

Other contracts

ERC20 standard for Tanpin Token. Includes the permit. This function enhances the user experience by simplifying token approvals, providing a seamless process for transactions.

ERC1155 standard for NFT, allowing us to work with both individual NFTs and entire groups. Examples of individual NFTs include unique vehicles, multiple in-game resources like trees and metals, etc.

It also includes the implementation of a total_supply option. During the initial mint, total_supply is set, serving as the maximum possible value for the issued NFTs.

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