API for Games

Web2 games face significant challenges when connecting to the blockchain. Working on this issue, we have developed a unique in-game tokenization translation system. Our project features a closed API for partners, allowing them to instantly tokenize in-game items and assets.

Within the API, the following functionality is implemented:

  1. Tokenization of in-game items.

  2. Creation of NFT collections.

  3. Sales and auction management.

  4. Minting of in-game items, both individually and in groups. Total supply can be limited for tokenized assets to restrict copying and make them completely unique.

  5. Integration of gaming accounts with blockchain wallets, enabling games to receive data on which wallet corresponds to each account.

Additionally, we have developed our own technology for purchasing USDT and subsequently TANPIN Tokens directly on the marketplace using a bank card. This significantly simplifies the cryptocurrency purchasing process for players, eliminating the need for exchanges, currency exchanges, and complex verification systems.

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