Telegram Connect

One of the primary challenges faced by most gamers is the process of connecting a wallet to the marketplace. Figuring out what a wallet is, understanding seed phrases, and picking the right one takes a lot of time and can be confusing.

Authorization with Telegram

Tanpin tackles this challenge with an innovative approach to connect wallets using Telegram. Players click Connect Telegram, enter a Telegram bot, and click Log In.

That's it - the connection is done, and now the user has a wallet tied to their Telegram account. Players can use the marketplace as they would with regular wallets, with their Polygon address, signing, and making transactions.

Users that choose Telegram login method will also need gas to interact with the marketplace.


Tanpin does not have access to private keys, as all information is stored encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm. Moreover, it transfers encrypted to the client (i.e., the user's device) using asymmetric encryption, a familiar approach in EVM networks.

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